Gold,Silver,Pearls Leather&Leather Products,Textiles & Fabrics ,Handicrafts & Carpets,Manufactured Products,Shoes & Other Footwear . RETAIL SHOPPING Turkey has a population of 76 million people and is the 16th largest economy in the world, with a total GDP of €683 billion (2013). The economy is growing at around 5%. The country has a young population, with 33% under 29 years of age. The Turkish retail market was worth €173 billion in 2012, and is forecast to grow to €422 billion in 2023. The market is fragmented, with the top 10 retailers accounting for just 15% of total sales. The country is a big producer and exporter of food in its own right. Imports make up just 4% of food sold, but this figure is growing. As can be seen in figure 1 below, BIM is the largest of the modern retailers with 6.5% market share, followed by Migros Turk and Carrefour. please check it out;

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